WWII GERMAN Baratol 750gr Explosive Charge INERT

WWII GERMAN Baratol 750gr Explosive Charge INERT

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WWII GERMAN Baratol 750gr Engineer
Explosive Blocks INERT #200EKSS

 750 gr Charges
 Approximate SIZE: 11"X 2"X 0.5"
 Made in the USA

Baratol was an explosive made of a mixture of TNT and Barium nitrate, with a small quantity (about 1%)[1] of wax used as a binder. TNT typically makes up 25-33% of the mixture. Because of the high density of barium nitrate, Baratol was a density charge.

Baratol was used as the "slow" compound in the explosive lenses of early atomic bombs with Composition B often used as the "fast" explosive component. Atomic bombs like those detonated in 1945 at Trinity, the Soviet Joe 1 in 1949, and in India in 1972, used Baratol and Composition B.

 Our German Baratol blocks are INERT training aids, or for reenactor use. Also a nice Pioneer display item.
   All explosives type products are marked "INERT"

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